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Here at Kovrlija & Co, we offer a professional and convenient alternative to taking your bicycle to a bike shop without any hidden extra costs. Our qualified mechanic with over 10 years in the cycle trade and over 16 years in the motorcycle trade we are able to come out to you at a time convenient for you either at your home or place of work, or if that isn’t convenient for you we can arrange to collect your bike at a time that suits you and return it to you ensuring no work will be carried out without consulting with you first (so NO hidden costs).

In 2023 summer Kovrlija & Co also Got Involved with Sportive HQ, helping them out with a they stunning Yorkshire sportive, As support a mechanic. Sportive HQ Matt has over 15 years’ experience in the organisation of various types of cycling events and when Sportive HQ was set up it was very much the feeling that Sportives were becoming more expensive which need not be the case, value for money can be put alongside quality events. 


The Beginners Course covers:

  • Roadside puncture repair – removal of wheel and tyre
  • M-Check (learning how to check that major components are safe and roadworthy, making minor adjustments)
  • Removal and refitting of brake blocks, balancing brake callipers
  • Adjusting brake cable tension
  • Preventative care e.g. how to clean and lubricate your
  • bike parts

The Intermediate course covers:

  • An in depth look at brakes (cables, maintenance)
  • Setting up gears
  • Derailleur limit screws demonstration
  • Principles of adjusting derailleur (front and rear) also known as indexing
  • Basic wheel truing This course is great for people who wish to be able to keep their bike running smoothly between major services, or who would like the skills to perform parts upgrades themselves


Standard servicing

From £75.00 bikes with External cables. plus any parts needed.
From £85.00 bikes with frame internal cables
  • Headset stripped lube and adjusted *bike with cables route in handlebars thought the headset bearings will cost more
  • Brakes adjusted 
  • Gears  adjusted
  • Crank checked and adjusted
  • Wheel truing also Hub cheaked
  • Derailleur lubrication
  • Chain check for wear
  • Safety inspections 
  • Tightening of all nuts and bolts
  • Tyre pressure check

Deuxle servicing

From £140 external cab
From £180 bikes with handlebar and frame routed cables plus any aparts needed
  • Headset stripped lube and adjusted
  • Strip bottem bracket
  • Brakes adjusted / bleed 
  • Gears  adjusted
  • Wheel truing also Hub strip and serviced
  • Derailleur lubrication
  • Chain check for wear
  • Safety inspections 
  • Tightening of all nuts and bolts
  • Tyre pressure check

other services

  •  Flat/puncture repair (new tube) from £15.00
  • New gear/break cable from £15.00
  • brake bleed and setup (hydraulic) per brake from £25.00 
  • up/tune gears or breaks from £15.00 (per gear and break)
  • full bike build kids up to 24in from a box from £40.00
  • Full bike build Adults from a box from £60.00
  • Fitting new botom bracket  from £15.00
  • Fitting new headset/ headset bearings  from £20.00
  • Internally routed cable from £15.00 per cable
  • We are happy to fit customer supplied parts. Each part will be subject to a fitting charge in addition to the service charge. 
  • Call out fee of  £5.00 will be apply to jobs less than £30.00

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